Valley Cover Plate ....

Upon dismantling my DeLorean engine in preparation for an overhaul, I was amased at the amount debris nesting in the engines' valley below the induction manifold.  Not only was there a copious amount of dirt but also copper washers, a couple of small screws, and would you believe, a one cent coin of USA origin.

To prevent debris and foreign objects from again finding a home in the valley my now fully reconditioned engine, I came-up with the idea of making a plate which sits neatly in the valley and covers and protects the cavities situated therein.

The plate is made from stainless steel and laser-cut from a CAD drawing.  To affix the plate into place, I placed a bead of RTV gasket silicone around the perimeter of the two deep cavities in the centre of the valley and then sat the plat on top.  After about 15 minutes, the silicone had cured forming a tight and secure seal.

Note that I did not completely seal the plate around the entire valley as I figured that water should be allowed to evaporate should and find its way there.

As I am willing to share my ideas, please email me if you would like a copy of the plate CAD file. The file is NOT FOR RESALE.

Thanks to my good neighbour Paul Lancaster for his expertise in drawing-up the design. 06-Mar-07