Craig Ashton-Ridley, Western Australia ....
VIN: SCEDT26TXBD002927  

Craig Ashton-Ridley and his August 1981 DeLorean
UK Registration: IIL3335
Auto, Left Hand Drive, Black Interior, MK1 Bonnet, 35000 Miles

I moved to Australia as a permanent resident (finally!) in 2006. My first visit to Australia was in 1997 to visit a friend and do the whole year of the back-packing thing. I liked it from day one and grew to love this fine country very quickly and now nine years on I'm here for good!

I have been a massive fan of the DeLorean for many years, probably like most gaining a fascination through the BTTF trilogy, however it is definitely the car and not the bolt-on bits in the film that grabbed my attention.

I first joined the UK DeLorean Owners Club in about June of 2001 (the Club has just celebrated its 10th year) but unfortunately I had to wait until the beginning of 2004 to finally get a ride in a DeLorean. I was instantly transformed from being an avid fan to a wannabee owner!

The dream came true for me when on 26th of October 2005, I drove from my then home in Newton Aycliffe (UK) down to Aylsbury where I bought my DeLorean. That has to be one of my best experiences if not the best ever (just don't tell the wife!) when I got to drive my very own DeLorean the four hours home.

The previous owner had only used the car as a 'Sunday' car and he had done very little mileage; about 1500 miles, but he had quite a bit of work done to the car in the seven years he had owned it. The most recent work being in the summer of 2005 with a full brake overhaul with braided hoses and new calipers. I've been lucky enough that all I have had to replace due to breakdown was the fuel pump, but I did do a full speaker upgrade this summer as it was still fitted with original, but knackered, Craig speakers, but I have kept the original Craig radio.

I'm the third UK owner and my car was imported from the USA through Ireland in 1994. It still bears the Irish registration plate.

Now, however, after only one year of ownership and a very pleasurable 3000 miles of motoring in my DeLorean, I have reluctantly had to leave my pride-and-joy in storage in England as I am unable to afford to bring it to Australia just yet, however I am hoping that within 18 months I will have my DeLorean out here. In the mean time I may call upon fellow owners for a "little look" at there cars!!!


Note: Craig's car finally arrived from the UK in October 2011.