David Politino, Forest Hill, Victoria ....
VIN: SCEDT26T1BD001388

At five years of age, David would often watch the BTTF movies. He loved the Back To The Future DeLorean which he also saw at a motor show. This DeLorean had all the BTTF stuff modded to it.

When David's brother James was born, David would sit with him and they would both watch BTTF movies. Over the years these two brothers developed a passion for DeLoreans not knowing that one day they would own one.

In June 2004, Rod Unsworth was kind enough to bring his DeLorean around to their house. This was one of the best days in the lives of David and James for it not only gave them the opportunity of seeing a DeLorean close-up, but it added inspiration to their desire of one day owning such a car.

But the most exciting and no doubt the happiest day for David and James was on the 23rd October, 2007, when they were able to take delivery of their very own DeLorean which was acquired from a really nice guy in Kansas named Phil who loves his cars. The DeLorean has 10470.9 miles on it, has a manual transmission and has a black interior.

At the moment the DeLorean needs a little work, and in addition, the car arrived in a non-running condition. Following a bit of elbo grease and determination, David and James now have their DeLorean running. More updates will come as David and James progress with their new project, namely MRDMC! 04 Nov 2007.