Derek Lipka, Lara, Victoria ....
VIN: SCEDT26T5BD002625

Derek purchased his DeLorean , in Juy 2007 from the USA. A very clean '81 Auto - 11,600 miles at time of purchase.

Cosmetically and structurally very nice, Derek's DeLorean needs some engine work as it sat for close to 20 years. The car is an auto, black interior and was purchased from the son of the original owner in Gainsville GA.

29 July, 2007.

After a brief rest period (to do home renovations) work on the DeLorean that Derek bought from Mark in the USA has continued.  After rebuilding the fuel distributor, the cold start regulator, removing the internals of the cat, replacing the injectors, new leads and filters the engine now runs very well.  Derek says that he is actually surprised how ‘zippy’ the car feels (not as fast as the Monaro or the 911, but certainly a lot more powerful than he had expected given all the articles he had read on it).  One of the tappets is slightly noisy, but Derek suspects that might sort itself out with a bit of time.  The car idles cleanly at the right speed and pulls nicely across the rev range.  The auto shifts well.

Derek's DeLorean is now up on blocks with the rear brake calipers removed and he is about to take out the front springs.  Three out of four brakes were working.  The right rear brake hose was blocked, preventing fluid getting to the caliper.  When the brake hose was cleared, the rear caliper locked up…  So, new hoses and a caliper rebuild kits are required.

Derek is going to have some new springs made up for the front to lower the car about 1.5 inches.

01 October, 2007