James Fincher, Geelong, Victoria ....
VIN: SCEDT26T0DD016435  

James's DeLorean is a 1983 model (August 82) and is believed to be one of the last DeLoreans built. It has a grey interior and a five-speed manual transmission with only 31,000 miles on the clock (91 miles since it came to Australia. The car is fitted with an after-market turbo which feels like it kicks-in at about 3,500 revs, but unfortunately, James has not had the opportunity to give his DeLorean a good run yet.

The car has been lowered (unfortunately) and it feels like it is running on rails! This is a stark contrast to the 1984 GSR Sigma that is James' current daily driver. James is fairly sure that the exhaust system has been modified as the engine sounds a bit deeper and more throaty to the other DeLoreans that were on hand where he purchased his. Presently James is trying to find out how to go about getting some adjustable suspension fitted to the front of his DeLorean so that he doesn't have trouble when driving up driveways and over speed bumps!

The car itself was owned by Volker Engel, the Visual FX director in Independence Day. In fact it has a set of Californian plates that read "ID4 VFX" which James thinks is cool. James is going to approach VICROADS to see if they will let him keep the California plates, but he doubts it.

James purchased his DeLorean form the Delorean Motor Centre in Garden Grove in LA. He was in the USA on a holidays and he went to the Delorean Motor Centre to have a look. Don Steger, the owner of the Delorean Motor Centre had converted his Delorean into a BTTF one and it was mega-cool. You might have seen it on the web, but James got to see it in person and it was sweet as. They even sell the coffee machines that they built Mr Fusion out of.

The Delorean Motor Centre had 10 DeLoreans there and when James took his for a drive he was rather impressed although he didn't get to give it some. There were others there that were a bit cheaper and not so nice as his so James emailed Don Steger later in the year, bought the car and had it shipped to Australia.

James is pleased that his DeLorean is now here and hopefully with the help of some members on the DeLorean Australia web site he plans to have the car converted to RHD and on the road before June. 11 Jan 07

It is understood that James sold his DeLorean in 2013.