Ben Arnond, Albury, Victoria ....
VIN: 1670

Ben's father Roger purchased the DeLorean for me in 2004 from Rod Unsworth in Melbourne. Rod purchased the DeLorean from the Birdwood Museum in South Australia, where it had been listed for sale for over two years. Following its purchase, Rod put the car through a complete restoration and conversion which Rod performed himself.

Ben has always adored the look of the DeLorean and loved the films it stared in. He constantly asked his dad questions about DeLoreans that he was unable to answer until one day both of them decided to buy one. Originally they had planned to take the trip to America, find one and then ship it back to Australia until a friend mentioned that he saw a DeLorean for sale in Melbourne. Together they organised a trip to see the car which turned-out to be Rod's. The deal was sealed and Ben and his dad headed-back home with two very large grins on their faces.

The car had been converted to RHD by Rod and has around 5500 original miles on the clock. We had a new set of tyres fitted (replacing the original ones) and the car rides like a dream. Recently they took the DeLorean to the local auto electrician and had all the electrical problems sorted-out as they were constantly having trouble starting the car. In addition it would die when the air con was on and the windows didn't work etc.

Ben feels that the DeLorean in a fantastic car and a great piece of automtive history. The only problem he has found is that the speedo needle flickers which is quite annoying. This is a common fault but there should be a way of fixing it.

08 November, 2006