Andrew Anderson, Mt Macedon, Victoria ....
VIN: SCEDT26T1BD004002  

Andrew Anderson is the owner of the 1981 Pepsi DeLorean. This particular DeLorean has a rather interesting history ....... The car was privately imported into Sydney circa 1982, brand new and converted to RHD by Corvette Conversions (Sydney). It is assumed that the then owner passed the DeLorean onto Rick Damelian Motors in Sydney where it was purchased by a Mr Rob James. This occurred in September 1983 and the DeLorean had just 836 miles on the odometer and the asking price was $80,000. To obtain the DeLorean, Rob, as a direct swap, traded his BMW733i and his one-owner Pontiac Trans-AM 660 RDH.

In mid-1985, Rob sold the car to Clemenger Advertising Agency (Clemenger had the Pepsi Account at the time) for $60,000. Clemenger used the DeLorean in film previews around the country to promote 'Back To The Future' (hence the 'Pepsi' registration plates) and then offered the car as a prize.

The prize-winner was a 12 year-old girl from East Ivanhoe, Melbourne, Victoria by the name of Narelle Carter. Narelle and her parents came to the Sydney studio of Channel 10 on Christmas Eve morning (I assume in 1985) where Narelle was given her prize by Gordon Elliott, the presenter on the 'Good morning Australia' TV show. Furthermore, 04002 featured in a road test report in the Australian Modern Motor Magazine in 1985.

Andrew bought the DeLorean in 2001 from a person who had acquired it from Shannons some time in the 90's. The person wanted to off-load the DeLorean to enable him the funds to buy another car.

There is no doubt that 04002 is the 'Pepsi' DeLorean says Andrew which is identifiable by some added accessories such as the exhaust extensions, the rear stop light behind the rear louvre, front driving lights and the HOTDMC registration. Foremost is the engine number ending in 4501 and the VIN of 4002 all of which are clearly visible in pictures on this web site (NSW Owners Section).

Andrew said it was really cool to see the history of the car in pictures on this site. He was told of the car's history by the previous owner about it being the Pepsi car but Andrew had no way of confirming or verifying this until seeing the pictures on this site.

Andrew has restored many of the minor issues the car such as electrics and rubber seals etc. The DeLorean is fully road-registered and is really a good example of the DeLorean with very straight panels etc.

Andrew has imported many genuine parts from the DeLorean Motor Company in the States for repairs and restoration. It was converted to right hand drive by Corvette conversions in Sydney back in the 80's and is an automatic with a black interior. The DeLorean has only done 15,000 miles and had only 5,000 on it when Andrew bought the car and it still had the original tyres fitted.

Andrew often drives his DeLorean around the Macedon Ranges in Victoria.

22August, 2008.