Luke Hallett, Devonport, Tasmania ....

VIN: SCEDT26T5BD002656

It is understood that Luke's DeLorean had two previous owners in the USA and was a showroom car for both of them prior to being purchased and imported to Australia by a Melbourne company or individual. The previous owner put the car on loan to the National Motor Museum in Birdwood, SA, where it was on display for several years.

02656 is in immaculate condition and is a great example of an early model DMC-12 with black interior. It is completely original with no modifications to the engine, upholstery or internal components (ie radio etc) whatsoever. Luke says that it is the lowest mileage and best specimen he has ever seen and is proud to be the owner.

02656 is one of only DeLoreans in Tasmania. Kurt Wallace owns the 'Stan Lee' DeLorean and is in Devonport here with me. Launceston Sports Car Hire Owns a LHD Automatic which they hire out.

Unfortunately, the previous owner did no maintenance and left the DeLorean sitting in a museum for an elongated period of time which means that Luke will need to do a complete fuel system replacement before the car will be running reliably again. However, he hopes to have the DeLorean fully restored and on the road within the next few weeks! Luke has purchased Tasmanian Plates: 'DMC-12' and will be using his car for occasional personal use as well as charity work and for car shows.

Luke is also keen to have some professional shots taken of his car once it is back on the road.

07 April 2014..