Mike Ando, Brisbane, Queensland ....
VIN: SCEDT26TXBD000966, Registration No: SCIFI.

Mike purchased his DeLorean from David Arnold in Washington State back in October 2010. David was the vehicle's original owner and he said this vehicle was the first DeLorean sold to the general public in the Pacific Northwest. Due to a problem with the brakes, the car was kept in storage for over a decade before Mike purchased it.

The car underwent an extensive overhaul at DMC Northwest, taking nearly 10 months. The largest work was a full right-hand-drive conversion. This was performed by moulding custom fibreglass interior panels and by borrowing parts from a Lotus Espirit. After a long wait, Mike's car finally arrived in Australia in October 2011 and it was road-registered in November 2011. Mike is toying with the idea of installing additional electronic upgrades.

Mike's DeLorean is an April 81 model with an automatic transmission, black interior, gas flap hood, right-hand-drive conversion and the number plate SCIFI.

25 November, 2011.