Nick Holden, New South Wales ....
VIN: SCEDT26T4CD010927

Nick Holden imported VIN 10927 from Ohio, USA in 2004. He is the 3rd owner of the vehicle, and in the following years it has undergone a frame-up restoration and RHD conversion after having been stored in a shed for over 10 years with only 17000 miles on the clock.

Some of the modifications during the rebuild are: Koni suspension, rebuilt brake system, door launchers with remote start function, custom dash board and instrument cluster, custom leather interior, Ferrari-style gear shift gate, DVD-style head unit with reversing camera.

Engine: After fitting a supercharger to the standard PRV it was discovered that the engine, due to lack of use, required a full rebuild. Instead of rebuilding the standard PRV, the internals (pistons, cams rods) and turbo + manifold of a Renault GTA 2.5L turbo were imported from the UK and fitted into the original PRV engine. This was coupled with a programmable Haltech EFI set up with an electronic boost controller, electric water pump, custom exhaust and a water to air intercooler. This set up has not yet been on the dyno but based upon UK specs should be good for 250+ HP at the flywheel.

February, 2008.

Footnote: Nick sold his DeLorean to a buyer in the Northern Territory and has since purchased (2013) another one (below) which is being restored and modified.