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The OzDeLorean web site was set-up in 2000 by Rick Haslewood of Bligh Park, New South Wales with the aim of it being a general-interest site for Australian DeLorean owners and enthusiasts. At the time, there were only five known DeLoreans in Australia, and once word spread of the existence of this site, it was soon realised that there were many more.

Currently it is not known how many DeLoreans are in Australia but an estimation would put the figure close to 80 or higher. The increase in the value of the Australian dollar in recent times favoured the importation of goods and it is no doubt that this encouraged more Australians to buy and import DeLoreans from overseas. Furthermore, 2011 saw the DeLorean start to reach the magic age of 30 years, which, in Australia, removed the requirement to have costly right-hand conversions done.

One must agree that the DeLorean is a most fascinating car with its popularity rapidly increasing. You only have to attend a car show where a DeLorean is on display to capture the aura of this vehicle amongst the spectators and the exhibitors of other vehicles for it is without doubt that the DeLorean captures the most attention.

Finally, there is no DeLorean club in Australia that I am aware of. Just a body of DeLorean owners who enjoy associating by having runs and outings with fellow owners and enthusiasts within their region.

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